Friday, September 28, 2012

Oh Jess

I love the show New Girl. I love the relationships the characters have with each other. It's hilarious! I might be biased given that people have told me I remind them or Jess in some ways... I think it's mostly the bangs factor, but I will take it as a huge compliment because I totally love her! Anyways if you have never watched it get with the times you are missing out!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

My 28th Year

So not too long ago, just a couple of weeks I entered into my 28th year on this earth. It is a little weird to think about the fact that I am 27. I often feel like I am staying the same age and everyone around me is getting older. That is weird. It is weird to think that my little brother is getting married in a few months and my baby brother is graduating high school next spring. It's crazy. Time is flying.... and I have decided that my 28th year is going to be a fun year. That is the goal. It started great with a super fun birthday party. Followed by a trip home to California and then yesterday I ran year another 13.1 mile half marathon. I am crazy and I have crazy friends that want to run these things with me.